Educational Videos

These are the most educational videos you will find on the internet. From physics and mathematics to documentaries about Shaolin Monks, here you will find the most educational videos on the internet.

100 Years of History in 2 Minutes - A look through past major events that occured in history all in less than 2 minutes.

Michio Kaku on the world in 2030 - An hour long video presentation about what the world will be like in the year 2030. This is a truly great and educational video. Most of the things in video are bound to happen even before 2030 as fast as technology is advancing today. Though it's an educational video and it's an hour long, it's not at all boring, very entertaining and fun to watch.

Shaolin Monk Practice - Qi Gong - Video about Shaolin Monks practicing Qi Gong, a martial arts technique.

Silver Mine Exploration in Cerro Rico and Potosi - An explorational video on the mines in Cerro Rico and Potosi.

Do Ducks Blink? - Do ducks blink? Find out!