Welcome to the stories section of the site. You'll find some interesting stories here, whether they really happened or they're just made up on the spot, they're still quite interesting to read.


Let's Start a Rock Band - A 20 year old loser nobody starts his own band in order to become cool (unfinished, and yet a good read)


Warning: Only read this when you are able to laugh out loud - A man and his unfortunate incident at a Home Depot.

So I heard you like mudkips - A hilarious story about a crazy day at school

How I got into Special Ed - Long story about a normal student who transfers to special ed and finds a better life. (unfinished, but still a good read)


Tourist Trap - Horror story about strange dissapearances associated with a train ride for kids built in the 1930s.

The Hiker - Don't make the same mistake that this hiker makes

The Message - see for yourself

Gateway of the Mind - A horror story about an insane science experiment in which the scientists try to communicate with god.

Candle Cove - A really old kids tv show that premiered back in the 70s.

Arx Fatalis - Scary things tend to happen in video games, even in the non-haunted versions.

I know you're awake - A good story to read before bed.

You're not scared, right? - Don't tell me you're scared to read this at night?

Pokemon Black Edition - Another haunted video game story.

Necropotence - An interesting story about a kid who is given the ability to perfect his life by sacrificing his own blood.

The Hunter - Great to story to tell during campfires, a real mind exploder.