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Here you can read many of your favorite scary and horror manga, these comics and manga are sure to leave you horrified. These are very scary horror comics not intended for those with bad heart condition!

Short (Around 5-10 pages)

The Sound of Grass - Mimi and her boyfriend take a stroll in the woods when something horrific catches their attention.

The Window Next Door - A man finds his way renting out a cheap room in a good building, but he is continuously harassed by his neighbor through the window next door.

Message - A nice and relaxing break from the usual horror.

Rainy Day - Weird things happen when it rains.

School Photo - Sometimes things aren't taken as planned.

Taken - Short and confusing at the same time. See for yourself.

Snapshot - A kid takes a picture and a ghost is caught in the background.

Harassment - Moving into a new place isn't as lovely as it used to be.

Ascent - When it's time to go, it's time to go.

The Ear Slashing Monk - Someone enjoys tormenting kids


Medium (Around 30-40 pages)

The Thing That Drifted Ashore - A young man who has mysterious underwater dreams at night, sees on the news that a brand new creature has landed on the shores, and goes there to check it out.

The Woman Next Door - Mimi moves to a brand new apartment, where she's being bothered by her neighbors who play their music too loudly. She later finds out, those neighbors aren't the ones she should be worried about.

The Scarlet Circle - Mimi's friend wants to show her a hidden room she found at her house while it was being demolished, however, ever since the room was discovered, people in her family have started disappearing.

The Seashore - Mimi and her friends take a vacation to a beach, where mysterious dead bodies walk around at night.

Graveman - Mimi has just moved in to a brand new apartment. The apartment is cheap and all, the only problem is, the apartment is right in front of a graveyard.

Alone With You - After committing suicide, a mother continuously haunts her daughter to no end, never wanting to be separated from her.

Falling - Mysterious events start to happen in a small town once all of a sudden, more than 200 people disappear all at the same time.

The Town WIthout Streets - After being spied on and stalked for too long in her normal home, a woman decides to move to her other relative's house, the only problem is, the town she lives in has changed so much since she had been gone, it no longer has any roads to travel on.

House of Puppets - A whole family earns their living through their hobby as puppet masters. But what happens when the main puppet master, the father, dies, and the rest family is left to fend on its own?

The Dark Drinks Blood - Horror story about an anorexic girl who is losing her health due to lack of a proper diet dealing with anorexia.

The Roar of Ages - Two travelers walking in the woods encounter a sudden flash flood incident and encounter an event that happened back long ago in the past.

Library of Illusions - A man has read every single book in his own personal library and has memorized every single word of every single passage of every single book. He slowly loses his mind to all the knowledge he acquires.

Splatter Film - A group of slackers find honey that makes them feel godlike and makes all other foods in the world seem incomparable.

In the Valley of Mirrors - A group of explorers discover two villages covered up with mirrors literally hanging everywhere.

Songs in the Dark - A woman listens to a busker out in the streets and all of a sudden, this busker's song is stuck in her head and she can't get it out. Soon the busker is famous worldwide and many people are now having the same problem.

Army of One - A surprise murder, two bodies are found stitched together, floating on through a canal. Soon the whole country is in chaos due to this gruesome murder.

Long Dream - A man has trouble sleeping. His dreams start to last longer and longer every night. He thinks he'll remain asleep forever.

The Back Alley - After moving into a new neighborhood, a man finds a wall covering up an alley next to his new home.

The Enigma of Amigara Fault - Many man shaped holes suddenly appear on the sides of a mountain, which causes thousands of people from all over the world to gather.

The Two Sisters - Everyone in this story is insane. Everyone is crazy.

Glyceride - A young girl is tormented by her father who's whole home is covered in grease from the inside and outside.


Long (100+ pages)

Frankenstein by Junji Ito - The manga version of Frankenstein originally in text book form by Mary Shelley.

Hellstar Remina - A star from hell is quickly approaching the planet earth and its impact is imminent. The world is about to be destroyed, the whole world goes into a crazy riot.


By Author

The above lists are organized by the story's length. If you prefer to read stories by a specific author, feel free to read below.

Nakayama Masaaki - Famous author of really scary, short horror stories. Most of the short horror stories here are by him.

Junji Ito - Another horror author, comes up with the most interesting of tales.

Shintaro Kago (18+ only) - Young author, comes up with the most violent, and the most sickening stories you'll ever read.

18+ Only Horor Manga - Manga intended only for those 18 and over. These are very mature horror stories and involve relatively disgusting and inappropriate scenes not intended for a younger audience. Consider this as a warning.