The Best Way to Die, Ever

Check it out, this is easily the best way to die, ever. Throughout all of history, there have only been seven recorded cases of this. I'm pretty sure there are plenty more undocumented cases however. But this is such an amazing way to die, an epic way to die. Out of all the possible deaths in the world, this is easily the best way to go.

What's this ultimate method of death? Dying of laughter. God damn, this way of dying is so freaking awesome. Imagine laughing so hard, that you actually die from it. However, at least you were happy in your final moments. Unlike every other death method. 

So these are some of the cases of people dying through this method:

  • Ole Bentzen died while watching the movie "A fish called Wanda." He freaking laughed so much he died. Wow!

  • Chrysippus, a greek philosopher guy, died from laughter too. He gave his donkey wine, got it drunk, and then watched it try to eat some figs. While sober, the donkey could have eaten those figs no problem. However, while it was drunk, it kept stumbling all over the place, drooling all over, etc. So Chrysippus died from laughing at it too much.

  • Some other guy, Alex Mitchell, died in 1975 after watching the 5th episode of "Kung Fu Kapers." He laughed for 25 minutes straight before he died from heart failure. He literally didn't stop laughing for 25 minutes straight! His wife sent a letter to the company thanking them for making his last moments of life awesome. Epic!

I can actually imagine a future in which many people choose to die from laughter. Like, right now there are 7 recorded cases, as of 2/29/2012. In the future, perhaps this method of death would become so commonplace that no one would keep track of it anymore.

First suicide through laughter? Why not?

Deathly ill people choosing to be tickled to death? How come this isn't an option yet?

Old people wanting to die through laughter? Dude.

I'm actually quite surprised, I looked up some "best methods of dying" "best ways to die" etc, but couldn't find anything about laughing to death. Hanging yourself, suffocating yourself, and even jumping off the tallest building you can find are on the list, but not laughter? Even on a list of 100 best ways to die, there is no laughter involved. WTF?


I wonder if it's even possible to commit suicide while laughing. I mean, they would be so happy. Why would they want to continue with this method of dying?

And then. If there is too much tickling involved, as in, let's say a  person attempted to commit suicide through tickling, but failed 6 times, eventually the person getting tickled would become immune to being tickled. And then they can't commit suicide through laughter anymore. :(.

So I want to die like this. When I'm like 90 or something. I'll commit suicide through laughter. Yay. GG.

Anyone wanna join me? We can have a mass suicide of laughter. Since we'll all laugh together. You know what I mean? Other's laughters will only cause you to laugh even more. So then we'll all die through team work. But we'll all be 90+ or something by then, so it's just like, what the hell? Why not?

Written by: Peon_Hero on 8/21/2012