Drugs are for Stupid People

faces of meth

Don't do this to yourselves. It's easy to tell who's a druggy, who's not.

It's no secret that drugs are for stupid people. It's getting more and more common in video games, to hear people talking about smoking weed, taking drugs, and it's unnerving to hear druggies try to get kids who have never smoked weed, to start smoking weed because it's good for them. In one situation, I just blurted out that drugs are for stupid people. Then I asked them, name one genius who smoked weed. They started naming a bunch of people, but they fell for the trap that I had set. They think that just because a few smart people smoke weed, they think that it justifies the whole act, and that they are smart themselves, or have the potential to be as smart as those people.

Some of the people that they named were: Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and `Bob Marley. These guys are renowned for being great, big time weed smokers. You know what ever happened to them? I just randomly said this outloud to them, that smoking weed shortens your life span, and it wastes your time, people that smoke weed die more quickly and earlier than people who have never smoked weed. Then I told them, I would search the ages that the people they named died, and I was surprised that my search results and my guess, was right. These people all died at a remarkably young age. Bob Marley died at the age of 36, and both Hendrix and Jim Morrison died at the age 27. Coincidence that they died at a young age? I didn't actually know at what age they died before I searched it, but it turns out they died remarkably young. These are just a few of the names I could remember from their list of weed deities, but if you know any others, feel free to search them up as well. They'll most likely have died at young age as well.

So what is it about weed that makes people want to try it out so bad? According to a Spanish article I read a long time ago, people that are higher up on the social scale, are more likely to involve themselves in illegal activities, such as drinking beer at a much younger age than their legal, and smoking weed, tobacco, other drugs. I think it's because they have easier access to it, knowing so many different people that do the drugs themselves, and it only spread from there. One friend tells another, who tells another, pretty soon a lot of them are doing it. But this doesn't apply to everyone, there are plenty of popular people out there, who have never done any drugs, or quit taking them, because they know it's bad for them. So basically, a lot of people take drugs because they think it makes them fit in. But if fitting in means dying at a younger age, I would never take that risk.

There's a reason drugs are illegal, it's because drugs are bad for you. They do nothing at all, to help you in any way. They only help you waste time, but why waste time? You have only a limited time in this world, why would you spend it making your time shorter? Weed also damages your lungs. So good luck, losing those underwater breathing contests, but you don't need it. I used to think that weed was respectable, and that people that smoked weed were justified. It was because I knew a few people that I respected that smoked weed. But what a fool I was. Just because some respectable people you know smoke weed, doesn't make it good in its entirety. It still has many more negative effects than positive ones.

There are dozens of articles saying that weed makes you smarter, weed makes you live longer, weed makes you a better driver, weed makes you better than those who don't smoke weed, but those are all untrue. The reason I talk about weed articles so much, instead of drug articles in general, is because I can't find any other kind of drug where people write articles stating that drugs help them. Like, there's no article saying Heroine makes you live longer, makes you smarter, or anything like that. But there are plenty of articles like that for weed. Why? It's just more plot to make even more people start smoking weed. But there's no point to it! You accomplish nothing by smoking weed! Or doing any drugs in general.

But if you still want to lose respect from the people who know better, die earlier, damage your lungs, lose brain cells forever, worsen your sense perception, accomplish nothing, become dumber, waste money on trash, waste your time, make your life shorter than average, and basically any other negative effects you can think of, then please, continue doing your drug, and continue worsening your life. Look at the pictures of people, before and after, doing their drugs. They look horrible afterwards.

Written by: PenSpinHero on 6/30/11