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Knowledge Mastery

Why You Shouldn't Procrastinate and ways to prevent procrastination - A skill everyone should know. The only way procrastination will rule you, is if you don't know about procrastination.

Drugs are for Stupid People - Learn why drugs are for stupid people, with cold hard facts. Also, learn a few things in order to win arguments against those who are pro-doing-drugs.

Why the IQ test is stupid - Too many people believe that the IQ test actually measures intelligence, it does not. Unlike speed and strength, and abilities, intelligence cannot be measured. There are different categories of intelligence, someone can be good at one thing and suck at another, the IQ test should be barred forever.

Crazy Ways Animals Reproduce - How the heck do other animals reproduce? This is something most people do not know about, they may have a deep, hidden interest on how some animals mate with each other, but never bother to get their questions answered.

Origin of Words in English - I've always thought that some of the words used in the English language were just randomly made up, and even though that is mostly true, there had to be some time when the words were first used! When, where, why, how, and who used 'bomb' for the first time? Do any other words have interesting origins as well? Find out here.

Are Goals Good For You? - How come there are so many guides on the internet on how to properly set goals? Is there a single proper way to set goals, that actually works? Read this guide and learn the truth about goals, whether they're helpful or whether they're not.

The Best Way to Die, EVER - What is the best way to die ever? Read this article and find out! I'm actually confused myself on how come this method isn't popularly or widely used. As of the time of this writing, there have only been seven recorded cases of dying from this method. In our 2000 years of history.


Everyday Tips and Tricks

Best Ways to Cheat without Getting Caught - Learn how to cheat without being caught, ever. These methods listed are the number one methods to cheat. They are all possible to do and no, they are not easy.

Confidence Tricks - Learn about con tricks and other interesting things in order to scam people or in order to prevent yourself from being scammed.

How to Win at High School - A No-Nonsense practicality guide in doing the best you can at high school and making the most out of every moment. This is for those that don't want to have any regrets upon graduating. Far too many adults look back in their past and think about all their missed opportunities. Don't grow up to be one of them! Read this article and learn how to make the most out of your time.

How to Win at Theme Parks - Another No-Nonsense practicality guide in making the most out of your time at a theme park. These guides will help you enjoy theme parks like you have never imagined before. The most important thing about theme parks is having fun, but sometimes you can't do that while waiting in line or when you're spending too much money. Read this guide to figure out what to do while waiting in line, or what to do to save more money.


Press Releases - A University of Virginia student just launched a website called to sell Vietnam SIM cards. After a semester of studying abroad in Vietnam, this student sees the need of having a Vietnam SIM card on hand before departuring for Vietnam.